Inspired by genetics. Driven for patients.Pioneering medicines for brain disorders.

Inspired by genetics. Driven for patients.Pioneering medicines for brain disorders.

The Time Has Come

A new era in medicine has allowed us the ability to identify the genetic drivers of disease and the specific biological targets responsible for a multitude of debilitating disorders. These insights teach us every day about the biology underlying dysfunctional neuronal signaling and the connectivity between a host of neurological diseases. Powered by these genetic insights, Praxis Precision Medicines is developing medicines to transform the lives of patients and families grappling with epilepsy, psychiatric disorders and movement disorders.

rare pediatric epilepsy

146 genes linked to Epilepsy

Rare Epilepsies

Scientific breakthroughs in understanding the genetics of epilepsy have ushered in a new era of drug discovery reminiscent of the advances that revolutionized cancer treatment over the last two decades.

neuropsychiatric disorder patient

1 IN 25 Adults

in the U.S. experience a serious mental illness in a given year.

Psychiatric and Movement Disorders

Epilepsy pathways converge with those of many other neurological conditions such as bipolar disorder, pain, autism, ataxias and schizophrenia, allowing us to explore a broader range of diseases.

neural connections

Making Connections.

While neurological diseases may manifest in different ways, the underlying pathology of epilepsies have often provided a window into broader neurological diseases. In fact, a number of anti-epileptic drugs have been successfully developed to also address numerous psychiatric disorders. Genetic advances are elucidating new connections between these therapeutic areas and are providing insights into new treatment options with the potential to benefit millions of people with both and rare and more common conditions.

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