Scientific Advisory Board

Holger Lerche


Holger Lerche is Professor of Neurology and Clinical Director of the Department of Neurology and Epileptology at the Hertie Institute for Clinical Brain Research, University and University Clinic of Tübingen, Germany. He studied medicine in Munich, did his MD and training in physiology and neurology in Ulm, and undertook research fellowships in London and Melbourne in the frame of his Heisenberg stipend from the German Research Foundation. His main research interest is to unravel the genetic background and the pathophysiology of epilepsies and related paroxysmal disorders, and to identify novel personalized therapeutic approaches based on disease mechanisms with a focus on ion channel disorders. He has been leading national and international research consortia, such as EuroEPINOMICS, the DFG Research Unit FOR-2715, the BMBF network for rare ion channel disorders Treat-ION, the epilepsy genetics initiative in Solve-RD, and the ILAE Genomics project to collect as many sequencing data from epilepsy patients as possible worldwide. He is former chair of the ILAE Genetics Commission (2017-2021), current Editorial Board member of Epilepsia, and a former president of the German ILAE chapter.